Happy BIRT Day!

legeneral.jpgSome of you maybe know, most probably don’t, but two days ago, on the 28th of December, I turned 25. YAY! Happy Birthday to ME!!!!! I accept presents post-event also 😉 Pictures from the “event”, can be seen here.

I did not make an error in the title of this post, just because I didn’t… Sitting here in Le General again, Josh, the owner asked everyone who was here to come to the bar, and we got a free drink because on the 29th, Le General was 1 month old!!!! Guess what Maria, a friend at our table said? YES! Happy BIRT Day! And hopefully many more to come.

If you don’t know where to find this club, just ask away… I think you can find a way to contact me pretty easily.

PS: For those of you who don’t know, “birt” is slang for pub 😉

Later Edit: And the picasa slideshow with pics from my party