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msg9_b1_client_4.jpgAt first, let me say that BETA this, BETA that, I’m getting sick of all the BETA… Everybody is using the word BETA slammed on anything, or any kind of software, website and so on… but enough ranting.

Yahoo Messenger, is quite a popular piece of software nowadays. I like it and I don’t like it. I have to use it for work, and beats the hell out of ticket systems, when communication is real time, but I hate using it in personal matters… all the smiley’s and emoticons in the world, won’t give it that “personal” feeling a nice face to face conversation brings, or even a phone call.

I found out today via that the guys over at Yahoo managed to get to version 9 of the Yahoo Messenger. I wasn’t able to download it, and play with it. They have a nice movie showing off the new stuff they implemented. Lots of it useless in my opinion, but it’s the eye candy that does the trick. I just wish they did something with the Linux version also, but in the meanwhile, never mind, Pidgin is here!
You can see the video here.

Later Edit: Downloaded, installed, looks dandy… nice themes, I don’t like the detailed list features, I prefer single row / contact. Same old commercial at the bottom, and they didn’t do anything to the archive, and that’s a disappointment. They don’t show your name or your friend’s name on every line they type, which is cool, but I’m too tired right now… going to sleep.

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  1. how about the crashing? and the compatibility issues? quite funny for a software mainly designed for Windows to crash and burn as it does. More on XP I might add. That is more important to me than the visual stuff. But.. I need Yahoo! Messenger, so I have to use it, and a new version is the next logical step :) even a ‘beta’ one. Enjoy!

  2. Well, on my side, it did not crash yet, but I’m not going to be astonished if it will, and about the compatibility issues, I don’t really know what you mean. It’s not compatible with older versions of Yahoo! Messenger?(didn’t have the chance to check this one out yet), or it’s “still” incompatible with Pidgin/Trillian/etc and other IM software that can connect on the Yahoo! protocol?

  3. An Alpha version usually means “feature complete”, while a .0 Beta version means “major bugs fixed” (crashes etc). But .. you never know :)

  4. I know what Alpha / Beta means in software development… It’s just that lately, every piece of s***t is called BETA… this takes away lots of nice things.

  5. well i just downloaded it last night. looks nice. you can still have that 1 row/contact on this YMess 9.0 BETA :).just enter preferences, and at appearance there’s MESSENGER LIST. you can choose detailed view, and compact view (that’s just like the old style with one row/contact :) )

  6. well, :P you didn’t mention it, just that you liked the old style, so i thought I would give you a hand :D. and maybe for others too :).

  7. If you looked at the movie I linked in the post, you would have seen it’s one of the things they explained there. But you are right, I didn’t mention I knew how to switch or had switched.

  8. I was talking about the previous versions of Y! Mess, that crashed almost every day on XP and at least two or three times a week on Vista. It is compatible with version 8, I didn’t check older versions. But as you said, I was talking about compatibility with other software and hardware compatibility. I had a lot of issues with devices designed for instant messaging operating on Y! Mess. I’m going to test this version and I’ll be happy to see some improvement.

  9. imi pare rau ca nu ma pot sexprima in engleza… asa ca voi… da am vazut si eu mirobolantul nou YM si nu se putea sa nu comentez. astept sa mi-l instaleze si mie cineva ca eu nu-s capabila.

  10. It was started in english, so I complied :) as of Nov 2nd, no crashes yet. but, it’s BETA, can’t bet on it yet :D ania, don’t be sorry, sexprimate yourself in romanian :)

  11. one crash in seven days. hardware related, logitech webcam. by far, the first version almost ‘crash free’ :) and I like one more thing: you don’t lose your status if you get disconnected :D

  12. Only crashed once for me also…

    I was searching for something in the messenger archive, and I have quite a big archive… (goes back to 2003 – 2004… )

  13. I just noticed the behavior of the windows of YM 9 when the main pager is closed(still running@taskbar). IM window gets inactive after few seconds and i believe it has something to do with the adds at the bottom of the pager. When it changes(even if closed) it gets the IM window inactive. Anyone else experiencing this behavior ? Im using Vista Home Premium.

  14. People, I’we experienced crashing alot on the new beta .. couldn’t even get it to start when i’we used the small online installer to get it to install, but i’we downloaded it as a hole pack from here and now it works & runs like a charm no problems whatsoever:

    as far as I can see its the official thing

    Please read further: I’m wondering how to put in or have all the yahoo messenger smileys (yeah, the hidden ones too) to appear in a chat window when i press the initial smiley, this one -> :) without haveing an additional software running in the background along with yahoo messenger… I want a more simple sollution, a reg key editing, or i dunno, something, help me out here please. Thank ya’ll in advance.

  15. mda (ania acum suntem 2=)) ) messengerul dupa cum spunea cineva il foloseste pt ”work” adica munca (am cautat pe google semnificatia cuvantului ) =)) eu il folosesc pt a tine legatura cu prietenii, familia si, anumiti dusmani. Dar oricat de interesanta e discutia si saitul lui marius nu vad rostul discutiei de mai sus… e un chat lasati-L asha cum este ba e bun ba nu e bun are nu are ”smiley”= zambet/e(tot google:D) dar,… ce face plictiseala asta din om :))

    marius ce sa zic frumos sait oameni interesanti si ania nu mai fi suparata nici eu nu stiu sa ma exprim in engleza si kiar daca stiu nu vreau!!! :))

    By. Ja …. ne auzim :)(scriem nu am bani de microfon :) )

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