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I just had my ITIL v3 Foundation certification yesterday and I passed with flying colors (YAY!). The Foundation exam is quite easy, basically, you just need to attend the training and go over the study materials thoroughly a couple of times.

ITIL v3 (IT Infrastructure Library) is accepted worldwide as the most effective and efficient framework for managing and controlling the quality and costs of delivering IT services and keeping them aligned with business needs and ever changing business direction.

While studying, I stumbled upon some learning aids created by Marco Cattaneo from Charles Sturt University, Australia. At first I was a bit reticent with them, but he manages to explain the concepts fairly well and proved to be of invaluable assistance to me considering I did not attend the ITIL v3 Foundation training.

Below, you can find a list with some of the movies he uploaded on Youtube, for the Foundation certification:

1st Module

  1. Introduction to IT Management
  2. ITIL v3 – Good practices
  3. ITIL v3 – Service
  4. ITIL v3 – Service management
  5. ITIL v3 – Function and processes
  6. ITIL v3 - Processes and theirs characterestics

2nd Module

  1. ITIL v3 - Service lifecycle model
  2. ITIL v3 – Service Strategy
  3. ITIL v3 – Service Design
  4. ITIL v3 – Service Design II
  5. ITIL v3 – Service Transition
  6. ITIL v3 – Service Transition II
  7. ITIL v3 – Service Operation
  8. ITIL v3 – Service Operation II
  9. ITIL v3 – Continual Service Improvement

3rd Module

  1. ITIL v3 – Utility and warranty
  2. ITIL v3 – Assets, resources and capabilities
  3. ITIL v3 – Service portfolio
  4. ITIL v3 – Service catalog
  5. ITIL v3 – IT Governance
  6. ITIL v3 – Business case
  7. ITIL v3 – Risk
  8. ITIL v3 – Service provider
  9. ITIL v3 – Supplier
  10. ITIL v3 – Service Level Agreement – SLA
  11. ITIL v3 – Operational Level Agreement – OLA
  12. ITIL v3 – Underpinng Contract – UC
  13. ITIL v3 – Service Design Package – SDP
  14. ITIL v3 – Availability
  15. ITIL v3 – Service Knowledge Management System – SKMS
  16. ITIL v3 – Configuation Item
  17. ITIL v3 – Configuration Management System – CMS
  18. ITIL v3 – Definitive Media Library – DML
  19. ITIL v3 – Service change
  20. ITIL v3 – Change categories
  21. ITIL v3 – Release unit
  22. ITIL v3 – 7 Rs of change management
  23. ITIL v3 – Event
  24. ITIL v3 – Alert
  25. ITIL v3 – Incident
  26. ITIL v3 – Impact, urgency and priority
  27. ITIL v3 – Service Request
  28. ITIL v3 – Problem
  29. ITIL v3 – Workaround
  30. ITIL v3 – Known Error – KE
  31. ITIL v3 – Known Error Database – KEDB
  32. ITIL v3 – Communication
  33. ITIL v3- Service Assets
  34. ITIL v3 – Release policy

4th Module

  1. ITIL v3 – Value creation through Services
  2. ITIL v3 – 4 Ps of IT Service Management
  3. ITIL v3 – The 5 Service Design Aspects
  4. ITIL v3 – Deming’s cycle – PDCA
  5. ITIL v3 – Continual Service Improvement Model

Good luck with your studies!

4 thoughts on “ITIL v3 Foundation

  1. Salut,

    quick questions. eu invat in momentul de fata pentru itil foundations insa am 6 manuale din care invat. 1 – service lifecycle introduction + 5 pe service strategy, design, operation, transition si continual service improvement. intrebare mea e daca trebuie parcurse toate 6 sau doar 1 introduction in care se vorbeste despre fiecare dintre cele 5 mentionate mai sus.

    any advice is more than appreciated.


    • Pentru foundation, primul manual e de ajuns. Urmatoarele sunt pentru restul examenelor. In principiu eu am frunzarit o tura manualul ala, si am bagat la cap din video-uri.

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