A very powerful tool for text manipulation under *nix systems is VI [Short for Visual]. I started using some 5 years ago, and it rapidly became my favorite text editor of choice under linux/unix and I use it on the windows platform too as gVim.

I’m not going to start explaining its power, I just want to share a VI cheat-sheet I found a few months back when I was working for Faculte.

The first image is the entire Cheat Sheet, and the rest are the training sheets for different actions you want to perform while text editing. So? How do you like it?

96 more bits, no magic. IPv6

I stumbled on to an IPv4 depletion counter a few weeks ago, and that reminded me of the problem we are going to face in a couple of years. The crippling of the internet as we know it. Lack of IPv4 space will break a lot of stuff, starting from you watching HBO online, you getting your email delivered, your comics, and your Viagra spam mails. Even if not getting the Viagra spam mails is a good thing, we will still face a lot of hard time, ahead. That I can promise you!

Big players don’t have any interest in training their people to handle IPv6, or to handle dual stacking, they are not building their gadgets to support IPv6 yet, because it’s still far far away, but their costs will jump from a normal normal curve to a very steep one just because they did not plan ahead.

It’s only 96 more bits, it’s not magic, but someone has to know how to do it. If you have no clue about what I just said here, watch the interview below and ask your system administrator about it. If you are the system administrator, watch the interview below, start asking for funds and time to work on it but most important start dual stacking. Slowly, gently, get your experience with IPv6 otherwise you’re gonna pay the big bucks in the end.

Randy Bush on IPv6 Deployment

IPv6 provides enough addresses to allow the Internet to continue to expand and the industry to innovate. It is not, however, directly compatible with IPv4, meaning that a device connected via IPv4 cannot communicate directly with a device connected using IPv6.

Deploying IPv6 on a global scale is vital to the Internet industry, but it requires pro-active steps on the part of industry players: technology must be upgraded, staff trained, business plans developed. Uptake to date has been relatively slow, but this is now changing, and businesses need to be aware of the need to adopt IPv6. To ignore IPv6 is to risk your medium to long term business viability.

Ripe NCC built a website with a lot of starting points for deploying IPv6 at http://www.ipv6actnow.org I suggest you take a look at it, watch the interviews and start preparing.

What is IPv4?

What is IPv6?

Oh SMF – What Happened To You?

smfFriday the 22nd Douglas “The Bear” Hazard sent a mass message trying to get out the word about some disturbing facts about SMF [Simple Machines Forum] an open source forum software that started sometime ago. I will not go into details here, because they have a full explanation of what happened here.

If you ever used SMF, take the time to read the article and try to help these guys spread the word out because one good piece of software is on the brink of extinction right about now.

If you never used SMF, but you are using a forum software that does not meet all your expectations, SMF is for you, but first, read the article, and help the community develop the software further.


History of medicine

Via Amec, zie “maghiarian” freunden, we have a nice joke today about the history of our medicine.

“I have a sore throat.”

2000 BC : “Eat this root”
1200 AD : “That root is heathen, say this prayer.”
1500 AD : “That prayer is superstition, drink this elixir.”
1800 AD : “That elixir is snake oil, Take this pill.”
1900 AD : “That pill is ineffective, Take this antibiotic.”
2000 AD : “That antibiotic is artificial, Here why don’t you eat this root.”

1377 computational search engine

Most of you [geeks like me] probably know about the new computational search engine Wolfram Alpha which delivers answers based on facts rather than on search strings. [There you go Google, now you have some serious competition!]

They are able to compute quite a few complex answers, delivering correct answers for correct questions. 

For example, they are able to tell me the distance from one remote town in Romania to some other remote town in Japan, or in the US with interpreted distances, and travel times by different means of locomotion like this or this. It can tell you how many calories you had for breakfast if you use it like this, or compute a sum together with its limit divergence/convergence, function graph etc. and many many more type of queries are available on their example page.

The funy part was today when I asked it about my birthdate, and I got the results in the image below. 


If I only had asked it 40 weeks before… 😛

PS: 1377 – 40 = 1337

Clown Joke…

So these two very decent canibals were sitting down for dinner, and eating a clown.

A bit of salt here, a dash of pepper there, you get the idea.

At a certain point, one of them says:

– Dude… Does this taste funny to you?!


A while ago I sw this movie, and I think it’s time I shared it with you. 

This is the description rom the author, and you might get some insight from his words and explanations… 

You call people by what they accept, not by what they dont.
In this sense the word atheist is redundant.

I accept physical evidence and reasoned logic (PEARL), the core of the scientific method.

It has made our standard of life vastly better.

It has also delivered us incredible destructive power. In a society like this those who act on faith (without evidence) are an increasing hazard to us all.

The power that science delivers us must be wielded responsibly, else there will be noone left to discuss the folly.

Doomsday, end of times Christians like PCS (posterboy for creationist stupidity) lust and desire the end of the world.

Religion such as this in a society such as ours is simply a recipe for disaster.