Civic duty

Today the hole digger / grave digger / undertaker or simply in Romanian Groparu (Happy Birthday by the way) showed me a picture made in Germany, with a specific purpose, which is I believe: “come on people, use public transportation, or a green transportation mean… like a bicycle perhaps.” The idea is good, concept is great and realization is probably better at first hand, but I think you will understand what I mean:

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A while ago I wrote about Urinelle, a device specially designed for women, to help them pee while standing. Today, reading my RSS feeds I stumbled upon Dragos Novac‘s version of Urinelle. It’s called ‘She Pee‘ and it’s pretty similar to the former. Instructions below.


And yes, it’s about Civic duty also, because It was erected by charity WaterAid to raise awareness about their mission “to overcome poverty by enabling the world’s poorest people to gain access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene education”.

A presentation worth a billion smileys…

I’m using more and more idiotic titles for my posts, but you’ll get it if you read it carefully…

Starting with a joke from our one and only burning eyes sensation giver Edike, it goes like this:

Q: How do you make a cow bark?!?

A: You return home at 4AM.

Lots of nice news today, some cool, some funny and some weird.

For starters, the smiley : – ) ( 🙂 )is 25 years old. Happy birthday! According to Slashdot professor Scott E. Fahlman from Carnegie Mellon University was the first one to use the three characters to point out a happy face, and since then, everybody uses them. Sounds cool huh? well, the funny part in this is the misspelling on Slashdot, corrected now, but my RSS reader caught it just in time!


Google finally released the long waited presentation feature in their office suite, and I can definitely say they did a great job.

Check it out on

And the billion dollar costs come from AdSense where false clicks generate a loss for Google. Rad more about it here

give HEAD to your loved ones… and HTML formatting

Well, I’m at home right now, the “real” home, where my parents live and it’s great. My mother is pampering me of course as usual and it feels good.

Happy Birthday Litics, all the best, and I’m looking forward for the small “get together” you promised, I’m glad you liked the present. You should know I had nothing to do with choosing it. Just for the sake of the argument of course.

And talking about presents, Calin, my colleague at WiF:)) sent me today a pretty cool link for a gift someone could make to someone else… Of course, the second someone should be a girl, and at least her should be an HTML enthusiast. Why? well, just look at the images below…


You could have found it on the earrings on-line shop. The text near the earrings it’s quite funny so I’ll just paste it here:

Make sure you don’t walk around without a properly formatted Head. While we cannot ensure that Google will properly index the contents of your brain, these earrings could help. Be W3C verified. Always close your tags!

Calin will be starting his own blog soon, and of course, I’ll announce it here. Stay on the lookout.


Reading my e-mails since 5AM this morning, I stumbled upon one which was hilarious. I’m a huge comic fan, rss feeding myself, Fredo & Pidjin – who just turned two a couple of days ago, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and keep them coming!

Returning to my morning dose of coffee, errm, comic strips, I was talking about this one:


It made me laugh so hard, that I decided to blog about it. For those of you who know what sudo is, KUDOS of course, for those who don’t, just RTFM! sudo(8), sudoers(5).