Nokia & BlackBerry

nokia_vs_blackberry.jpgSo, considering I’m used to losing my mobile phones, I’m going to pay extra attention now. After I got the Nokia E50 a couple of weeks ago, today I got the BlackBerry Pearl 8100. Enjoy the pic, and keep your fingers crossed so that I don’t lose either one of them.

11 thoughts on “Nokia & BlackBerry

  1. The BB Pearl 8100 rocks! BTW, you can use it’s headset with the Linksys phone you have at the office office during those long, boring conference calls!

  2. How many phones does ONE person need???LOL….Only my brother!!!
    Now you got the phones,….time to look for a girl….how old are you???LOL
    Love you, crazy!
    and….quit leaving me talking alone on messenger please!!!

  3. O MY GOD!!!!My brother is got the GIRL too!!!
    Hope she will put him on the right path one day…..LOL
    Love you Bro!

  4. Pentru ca vechiul 6680 mi-a decedat de batranete caut un nou smartphone. Unul relativ ieftin cu baterie buna. Dupa idelungi cautari trebuie sa aleg intre doua modele . Ghici care. Exact. Care mi l-ai recomanda? Ce probleme ascunse au fiecare? Ce ti-a placut la fiecare?

  5. @ Pixu: Blackberry si E50… depinde ce ai nevoie… E50 e slim, micut, dispare in buzunar, nu incomodeaza. dar, il folosesc doar pentru telefoane, SMS’uri si conexiunea ocazionala la net cu cablu’ de date si laptop.

    Blackberry il folosesc pentru mail, BB Messenger, si ocazionalul brick breaker… :))

    Pentru mine telefoanele sunt exact doar telefoane ;-)

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