Nintendo Wii!

I was visiting a friend last night, Dan Berte, who just returned to Cluj, and we had some catching up to do, and I noticed near his TV a Nintendo Wii console. Pretty cool thingie, I loved it last year when I first saw it, in the Netherlands, and I wanted to get one but then I realized I didn’t have a TV set and abandoned the idea.

There are people who don’t like the Nintendo Wii, they prefer Microsoft’s X-Box or Sony’s PlayStation but I think it’s quite different. I like what they did, I would get one for the fun, and I don’t really think you can compare them…

Anyway, I saw today a video on YouTube about it, and it was waaay to funny not to post it here. So here you go!

2 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii!

  1. when i saw my family playing WII like there’s no tomorrow (all of it, to my grandparents), I gave up the idea to take it back to Bucharest. so it made a nice xmass gift.

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