[Plesk] upgrade / autoinstaller

I was upgrading a plesk install today (linux based), using the plesk CP (Server / Updater) and I don’t like looking at an interface that says “You will receive an e-mail once the install is complete”.

A very simple solution for people that “need” to know what’s happening and don’t like waiting for an e-mail, is to log in the server using ssh (you can use PuTTY for that) go to /tmp:

cd /tmp

and do a:

ls -asl *log

You should see all the files ending in *log (beware, there might be quite a few files to match that pattern), and among them something like:

712 -rw——-  1 root root 724202 Aug  6 03:00 autoinstaller3.log

As soon as you locate that file, you can “tail” it. In my case:

tail -f autoinstaller3.log

Et voila, you will be able to see what’s happening with the upgrade process. To stop following the upgrade process, just pres Ctrl+C and you will get back to the bash prompt.

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