Stephen Lynch – Kitten

What can I say? I’m a dog person…

When the game of life makes you feel like quittin’,
It helps a lot if you kill a kitten
Mark my words, cause from where I’m sittin,
You can’t go wrong if you kill a kitten.

There’s no crime that you’ll be commitin’
I know the law, you can kill a kitten.
If you need yarn for that scarf you’re knittin’
Youll get plenty when you kill a kitten

Feed it turpentine, or break its spine,
Crush it with your shoe, as long as you…
Kill a kitten

If the one you love isn’t quite as smitten,
She’ll like you better when you kill a kitten
To quote the bible, cause that’s where it’s written
If yee loveth Jesus, yee must kill a kitten

Flush it down the can, hit it with your van,
Throw it at a train, make it snort cocaine
Drown it in a lake, bake a kitty cake
Stick some TNT up its cat booty
Do what you must do, as long as you…
Kill a kitten

Killing kittens isn’t easy,
And if the thought makes you feel queasy,
Grab a pitchfork from the shed,
And kill a puppydog instead!
Kill a kitten, you gotta kill a kitten, a little furry kitten.
8675309, 8675309

Pisoiul si-a gasit o casa

Pisoiul de care vă povesteam acum două zile aici, și-a gasit o casuță si niște umani de care să aibă grijă când va crește mare.

Până la urmă este un “el” È™i a plecat ca un domn, cu un BMW gri, spre o casă mare la marginea Clujului unde îl aÈ™teaptă un băieÈ›el de 3 aniÈ™ori care iubeÈ™te pisoii.

Numai bine Ionel!