1377 computational search engine

Most of you [geeks like me] probably know about the new computational search engine Wolfram Alpha which delivers answers based on facts rather than on search strings. [There you go Google, now you have some serious competition!]

They are able to compute quite a few complex answers, delivering correct answers for correct questions. 

For example, they are able to tell me the distance from one remote town in Romania to some other remote town in Japan, or in the US with interpreted distances, and travel times by different means of locomotion like this or this. It can tell you how many calories you had for breakfast if you use it like this, or compute a sum together with its limit divergence/convergence, function graph etc. and many many more type of queries are available on their example page.

The funy part was today when I asked it about my birthdate, and I got the results in the image below. 


If I only had asked it 40 weeks before… 😛

PS: 1377 – 40 = 1337