A presentation worth a billion smileys…

I’m using more and more idiotic titles for my posts, but you’ll get it if you read it carefully…

Starting with a joke from our one and only burning eyes sensation giver Edike, it goes like this:

Q: How do you make a cow bark?!?

A: You return home at 4AM.

Lots of nice news today, some cool, some funny and some weird.

For starters, the smiley : – ) ( 🙂 )is 25 years old. Happy birthday! According to Slashdot professor Scott E. Fahlman from Carnegie Mellon University was the first one to use the three characters to point out a happy face, and since then, everybody uses them. Sounds cool huh? well, the funny part in this is the misspelling on Slashdot, corrected now, but my RSS reader caught it just in time!


Google finally released the long waited presentation feature in their office suite, and I can definitely say they did a great job.

Check it out on http://docs.google.com.

And the billion dollar costs come from AdSense where false clicks generate a loss for Google. Rad more about it here

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