Honey, beep me if you love me!

Continuing the recent started tradition, I’ll start the post with a joke. Of course all the women related jokes can get pretty boring, so I’d say a joke about IT guys would be appropriate today:

The IT department in a medium sized company, the geeks, decide to have a party over the weekend:
Geek1: So it’s settled guys, we’re going to have fuuuun!
Geek2: SUUURE! I’ll bring the music!
Chorus: grrreeeeeaaat!
Geek3: I’ll bring the drinks!
Chorus: grrreeeeeaaat!
UberGeek: I’ll bring the women!
Chorus: grrreeeeeaaat! how many can you get?
UberGeek: well… about 2 gigabytes

Having a cell phone is not such a big deal nowadays in Romania. Everyone has one. My parents, my grandparents, my underage cousin and so on. Prepaid, postpaid, shared minutes, flexible minutes, you name it, we have it! Calin Grigore, sent me today a link about cell phones and Africa. Apparently they discovered beeping! Beep me if you want me to pick you up, beep me if you’re thinking about me, beep me once for yes in reply to a text message or twice for no… just beep me. Carriers say that around 30% of the load on the network is because of this beeping. Do you do it? I certainly did! But things are getting tough on the beepers, and they are going to pay for beeping…

Read more about this here.

Trivia: In Australia(also known for US citizens as: “There be kangaroos”), beeping is known as “pranking”: Prank me if you want me to pick you up… and so on…

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