And here is my age

I found a nice xls file that made a nice calculus, and printed out some details about your birthday.

My details are here:

Age in years: 25.15
Age in months: 302
Age in days: 9180
Age in hours: 220310
Age in minutes: 13218610
Age in seconds: 793116588
Age in Milli seconds: 79311658842
Age in weeks: 64257
I was born on: Tuesday

What’s wrong about that calculus?

I can provide the file on demand 😉

10 thoughts on “And here is my age

  1. First rule of this blog: .marius is always right
    Second rule of this blog: If .marius is not right, apply first rule!
    Third rule of this blog: You never talk about the first two rules.
    and so on…

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