Spam your enemies

Later Edit: Considering the latest comments, which have nothing to do with my initial post, as I don’t spam, I just presented a “solution” to a problem, I decided to disable comments for this post.

Oh yeah baby! Fire away, make them wish they had a better spam filter, make them curse the hell out of Internet, e-mail and other things like that, make them squirm, make them select all delete, and then enjoy it…

But be careful, this might blow up in your face!

PS: As my colleague Alex BogdanF noted, you cannot send any “Penis Enlargement” mails… But if they’re your enemies, do you want their dicks to grow?!

22 thoughts on “Spam your enemies

  1. I was wondering…the site went down…can you find an alternative?>

    by the way I won;t reply ifd you sent an e-mail cause I’m using the guy I want to spam his e-mail

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