xkcd said it better…

I have a good job, not looking for anything else, but about 3 weeks ago I get a nice introductory mail from a Google Inc. HR representative, telling me that they want my CV and they want to contact me. FFS! it’s GOOGLE! of course I brushed up my CV, and sent it to them.

One week later, I had a telephone interview (I was scared like shit) with their HR department, a very sweet lady talked to me, everything was cool, and pinkish and so on. After the interview finished, she told me it went quite well (I asked!!), she will send the results to the next level, and they will contact me in the following two weeks.

Well, if you read the comic above, you will understand they didn’t have an opening for a person with my skills, but they will keep my CV in their database. Standard text, politically correct.

Talking to my boss about it, he was quite shocked that I was willing to leave Romania, and my family just to relocate for a big corporation, but (and I repeat): FFS! It’s GOOGLE! Nevermind now, they don’t need me, and I can stick the proverbial carrot out of my ass.

So that’s about it…

PS: Of course I’m pissed! but it was too good to be true…

4 thoughts on “xkcd said it better…

  1. VARIANTA MISTO: esti in baza de date a Google, ai dat un interviu practic cand te mai suna e sa-tzi spuna ca ai un bilet de avion in casuta postala

    VARIANTA NASPA: esti in baza de date a Google, pe lista celor care nu vor mai fi apelatzi niciodata.

    VARIANTA OPTIMISTA: esti in baza de date a Google, dar un idiot itzi sterge datele si e posibil sa mai fii sunat in viitor pentru un alt interviu.

    VARIANTA PESIMISTA: esti in baza de date a Google, ai chiar nishte comentarii mishto … dar la fel au si restul de 2543421… altzii care la fel nu au fost angajatzi.

    VARIANTA DIAMANT: esti in baza de date a Google, dar momentan nu au deschidere de posturi cu salariul de 9 cifre (in lire sterline) … prin urmare mai ai de asteptat un pic pana creste compania.

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