Win $1000 – contest

As I was saying yesterday, this is the first contest on this blog. It’s a creativity contest, and everybody is welcome to participate, brainstorm, but just one of you will win the big prize, $1000!

For a while now we’ve been in search for a new company name. “Faculte” was dreamt up for an initial vision of  a professional knowledge marketplace where experts could easily capture and sell their knowledge online. The direction of the company has evolved since then into creating a business communications platform.

We know there is a better name for the company that captures vividly what we do and represent. We just can’t think of it 😉

I decided to take money that would otherwise be spent for buying a domain name and use it as prize money for a contest called: contest. This contest will award
$1000 to anyone who can come up with a company name (with available domain name) that makes us jump out of our seats in excitement.


This contest is meant to get some fresh ideas and thoughts from outside the company and indirectly promote our platform to potential prospects. 

The details are in this Broadcast: or by clicking on the below widget. 


So, now that you got the idea, go to play around, brainstorm with your friends, send your suggestions at until the 24th of April 2009, and you can WIN $1000!