Rammstein… Links!

Every morning, after I get some coffee, I just sit with Carmen 2 and try to get a hold of what’s been happening the last few hours I’ve been sleeping. Today is not about Rammstein, it’s about links. Things I’ve read, things I thought were interesting, just stuff.

First of all, I have no clue why I’m writing in English today, considering most of the links will be in Romanian, but hee I go:


  • Licurici wrote about the Rohia Monastery, a story that got my attention after the first few words, because it had something about it, “quelque chose du cachet” if you remember the French phrase. But here it is: Povestea manastirii Rohia. Liku, you really need to add a search option on your blog.
  • Sergiu Biris, from Trilulilu told us about the problems Trilulilu is facing, and I decided we are all going to support him. RIGHT?! Here is the story, again in Romanian: Ba da, inteleg (Congrats on the Internetics award!!!)
  • Via Groparu we learn about a young Italian man who thought that if Romanians can steal in Italy, he can steal in Romania: Cetăţean italian prins la furat

Now that’s about it, things I thought were interesting. I think that most of you read already about Ion Iliescu and his new blog. Well, he is also available on Twitter now: http://www.twitter.com/ioniliescu Talking about Web 2.0 and how to gain some more votes… *schmuck*

PS: The wonderful Yahoo! Messenger 9.0 BETA is refusing to let me set my own status… 🙁 And the avatar is not working either… Come on Yahoo! team, throw a new release at me!