give HEAD to your loved ones… and HTML formatting

Well, I’m at home right now, the “real” home, where my parents live and it’s great. My mother is pampering me of course as usual and it feels good.

Happy Birthday Litics, all the best, and I’m looking forward for the small “get together” you promised, I’m glad you liked the present. You should know I had nothing to do with choosing it. Just for the sake of the argument of course.

And talking about presents, Calin, my colleague at WiF:)) sent me today a pretty cool link for a gift someone could make to someone else… Of course, the second someone should be a girl, and at least her should be an HTML enthusiast. Why? well, just look at the images below…


You could have found it on the earrings on-line shop. The text near the earrings it’s quite funny so I’ll just paste it here:

Make sure you don’t walk around without a properly formatted Head. While we cannot ensure that Google will properly index the contents of your brain, these earrings could help. Be W3C verified. Always close your tags!

Calin will be starting his own blog soon, and of course, I’ll announce it here. Stay on the lookout.

7 thoughts on “give HEAD to your loved ones… and HTML formatting

  1. heh… interesting view over the html code. Never did think about it as being with slight sexual tendencies, though it does seem to be a good option, in case you’ve got a pretty open minded girlfriend which can truly appreciate the gift. ;)
    Enjoy your stay at home. All students know, and apreciate.
    The same blackdvl.

  2. Haha! I just wish my girlfriend was nerdy enough to understand it :(
    I just browsed here from the comment you left on my blog (if you even remember) so I thought I’d drop by, check out your blog and say hi.

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