Soma Cube

I decided to work down town today. Got my lappy in my backpack, decided on a location and went for it. 28 degrees outside, so I said I needed a place where I could chill out. I decided to go to La Tevi club, on Potaissa street. Yet another c*free hotspot I’m proud of. I got here, and I met Cornel, the voice of Guerrillas. We played some darts, we had a beer and a long talk, and now I’m enjoying my wireless freedom writing this entry on the blog, and taking a break from work.


Last night Simona, returned from France, and now the trio is back together. Ovidiu(her boyfriend), Simona and me. She was in Nice, France with an Erasmus Scholarship. All great up till now, just that she knew I liked puzzles and she got an interesting one for me. A Soma Cube!!! Thus, the title of the post. The puzzle is great, you get 7 distinct pieces of wood, which can be taken apart, and put back as a cube.

I googled it a bit, and I found a lot of history behind this puzzle. Never heard of it before, but still, a puzzle. 240 possibilities to use he 7 pieces and create the cube, so I guess I’ll start reading about it and trying to find them.

A search on Google for the Soma Cube will get you some nice results, so that you’ll know what I’m talking about. Getting back to work now, and trying to enjoy my work&chillout session…


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