Internet Explorer vs. Firefox

It sounds bad huh? everyone talked about it, and probably will talk about it some more…

You know that some people requested that Microsoft removed Internet Explorer from the Windows install CD’s? Yes, they did. Do you know what Microsoft replied? Some of you know, some of you probably don’t, so here is what they said:

We can’t remove Internet Explorer from the windows install, because, if we do, you won’t be able to download Firefox…

Well, I’m not here to take sides, I’ve been using Firefox for some years now, and I like it, I’m using it, I almost love it. But today I decided to download Internet Explorer 7. Guess what I used to download IE? Firefox of course…

Why did I do it? Well, I’m kind of sick of the memory leaks in Firefox, and the recent hiccups I’ve been experiencing, and since I have to use Windows for work, why not give a chance to IE also, and try the software that’s supposed to be “compatible”.

I’ll just give it a chance, for now.

You will know that I switched to Internet Explorer from Firefox, when this webpage will be Internet Explorer 100% compatible.

Also, using Office 2007 for the past weeks, made me like it quite a bit. Today I just added some of my RSS feeds to it, right next to the 5 IMAP accounts I’m using at the moment, if all goes well, I might change to it indefinitely… Bye bye Google Reader…

For wordpress users: If you didn’t update to WordPress 2.3.1 yet, do it. It’s nice.

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