The wedding season is here, and all of us have friends, relatives, acquaintances getting married and we have to attend. Last week, it was a good friend’s wedding, Bianca. Extremely nice place for the wedding (Hotel Belvedere, Cluj-Napoca) extremely nice organization, overall, a wedding worth attending. I wish Bianca and Florin a happy marriage and a house made of solid rock (Translated Romanian saying).

This weekend, Pedro and Eugenia, two dear friends are getting married in Bucharest, so I’m going to go to the capital, endure the cruel heat, but I know it’s going to be worthed. So tonight, I’m going to get on the train and tomorrow morning I’ll log in for work there. Thursday night it’s the Bachelors Party for Pedro, and we are planning to make it memorable, so wish me luck. I suggest you visit their family site, I’m sure you are going to like it. Besides the wedding participants, common friends, from all over Romania and Europe I can’t wait to see, I’m planning to meet Dan Berte(*done), Alexandra, Vlad and hopefully Robert Miciovici if he returns from his vacation in due time. I will return with spicy details from the wedding and the party of course… 😉

I’ve got some other links for you, just in case you get bored quickly in front of the computer: – The addicting never-ending Quiz… – I’m at question 80 by now, tryin’ hard to get passed it. – a very well made quest, thanks Daria 😉 – A game I play daily with lots of friends. World7, continent K62, tribe BEST 🙂

And now I’m signing out and getting back to work…

Have a great day ya’all!

Later update: writing it from Dan’s MacBook… maybe I should have done it from his iPhone… 😀 – one objective complete

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