Marius’ everyday brands


Well, yesterday Dan tagged me with trying to make a collage with the brands I use every day, and so I did… I use someof them daily if not hourly, and probably I left out some of them. I’m not going to explain each and every one of them, if you have similar “objects” you use you will understand. At first I started with all of them arranged properly on columns but I realized I’m somewhat of a hectic user, I don’t have them properly arranged in my life, so why should they be arranged in my image?!I will now pass this along to Sergiu, Darius, Lorand and Laurentiu.

10 thoughts on “Marius’ everyday brands

  1. sunt un fan al celor de la DC Comics… caut si eupe net din cand in cand chestii de la ei, si in momentele un pic mai libere ma delectez…

    Deja am gasit prima greseala: am uitat sa pun logoul cu batman :(

  2. I don’t know… last night I was chopping the logo’s in photoshop and I distinctly remember editing that one… I guess I was too tired and didn’t save it in the “ready to go” dir… Life sucks

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