Writer’s block

Ensign Morris and The Captain return

– Hey Captain!

– Hey Morris! What’s up?

– Dunno sir… I was just talking to Ania and she told me today that she is in a “writer’s block”… she can’t write anymore, she feels that her target audience is not reached and a fat bitch is reading her blog 3 times a day… Do I look that FAT sir?!

– No Morris… relax… you’re not a bitch… But you could use a subscription to the spa 😉 Now get me an Ultimate Long Island please.

PS: Ania WE MISS YOU!!!!

– Sir… Did you hear the  latest gossip?

– Nah… what?

Alex from fenomental.com is a traffic addict… 😀

2 thoughts on “Writer’s block

  1. ..We do miss u Mrs. Ania ,funk’ the F@T bitch and start writing about something..anything :-S ..

    P.S: throw the lens ..they SUCK,truly, madly , deeply .. ;;)

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