Writer’s block

Ensign Morris and The Captain return

– Hey Captain!

– Hey Morris! What’s up?

– Dunno sir… I was just talking to Ania and she told me today that she is in a “writer’s block”… she can’t write anymore, she feels that her target audience is not reached and a fat bitch is reading her blog 3 times a day… Do I look that FAT sir?!

– No Morris… relax… you’re not a bitch… But you could use a subscription to the spa 😉 Now get me an Ultimate Long Island please.

PS: Ania WE MISS YOU!!!!

– Sir… Did you hear the  latest gossip?

– Nah… what?

Alex from fenomental.com is a traffic addict… 😀


Reading my e-mails since 5AM this morning, I stumbled upon one which was hilarious. I’m a huge comic fan, rss feeding myself wulffmorgenthaler.com, Fredo & Pidjin – who just turned two a couple of days ago, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and keep them coming!

Returning to my morning dose of coffee, errm, comic strips, I was talking about this one:


It made me laugh so hard, that I decided to blog about it. For those of you who know what sudo is, KUDOS of course, for those who don’t, just RTFM! sudo(8), sudoers(5).

Monday… manic monday

– Good morning Ensign!
– Good morning Captain!
– Go get me a coffee until I search for these visual images I saw last night while sleeping.
– What images? When?
– … coffee coming right up sir (I hope the replicator works… 😐 )

– Here it iiiis… my preciooouuussss…

– Sorry sir, the replicator doesn’t work, I’ll just try making a coffee by myself… (If I remember how.. 😐 )
– Thanks Morris. I’ll just watch this video in the meanwhile.

memory upgraded!

Hey Morris! Hello Captain! Are all systems functional? Yes sir! then, full impulse power away! Errect nipples!


Captain… if we get a Mac we will have warp…

I know Morris… let’s try OSX first… I’ll decide later.

Update: Vista… Windows Vista… Microsoft Windows Vista!

Update la update: Nu, nu am pus Vista… I don’t like Vista!