Un alt tricou!

In direct din Oxford, via Alexandra T. / Apolodor avem azi un nou tricou in seria de tricouri tricoaie si alte obiecte de vestimentatie “catchy”. Et, drept urmare, voila:

Mi-a promis poza demult demult, a trimis-o ieri, si s-a si scuzat pe tema asta (*hugs*):

…si dupa o mie de ani…:)

(sorry about the quality, it’s taken with my phone…)

Linux Beginners

For those of you who have basic Linux knowledge, and when I say basic, I mean login, create a directory, list the files etc, that kind of basic, I stumbled upon today a nice tutorial which could take you a few steps further if you are willing to read through it (and you should).

It is actually a shell scripting tutorial, with some power tools like awk or sed and taking a quick glance at it, it looked like it would be worth reading.

Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial v1.05r3 – A Beginner’s handbook

Cool T-shirts

If you are one of the people who hang out around the places I hang out, you should already know I have some funny t-shirts like this. Well, this is about funny t-shirts I got to see worn by my friends, and had a chance to take a photo of.

  • First one, from Vlad Gorgan, one of the bigshots at Trilulilu.ro: “I hate my clothes, Can you help me undress?


  • Second one, belongs to Lorand Peli, good friend of mine: “Hamburgers are made of WHAT!?


  • Third one, from Dan Groza, good friend, and colleague from SimpliQ Media & Technology:”If I’d give a crap, you’d be the first one I’d give it to!


The pictures were taken with a BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, in not so good lighting conditions, so please excuse the quality.

And here is my age

I found a nice xls file that made a nice calculus, and printed out some details about your birthday.

My details are here:

Age in years: 25.15
Age in months: 302
Age in days: 9180
Age in hours: 220310
Age in minutes: 13218610
Age in seconds: 793116588
Age in Milli seconds: 79311658842
Age in weeks: 64257
I was born on: Tuesday

What’s wrong about that calculus?

I can provide the file on demand 😉

Monthly Briefing

Lorand Minyo, SimpliQ’s EVP, released last night the first monthly briefing for SimpliQ Media & Technology 2008.

Have a ball reading it here.  What we’ve been up to, some pictures from the office, and no, don’t believe him when he says he is the Darts Cricket undefeated champion… He is just bragging, and I had some bad days. But go on reading!

Enjoy the silence…

Cum poti sa ai o prietena(A), sa te intalnesti cu o “alta prietena”(B) la cafea + lugu lugu, si in momentul in care da sa plece acea “alta prietena(B)” apare o a treia(C)?!?!?!?! A patra(D) e si ea aici… radem…

Cazul de sus este un simplu exercitiu de gandire… orice personaj care se simte sa taca din gura ca ii comentez commenturile!

I’m so tired…

Sitting here, having my 4th coffee today + red bull…

Adding a stupid joke, that made me laugh my pants off:

– Hey neighbor! I’m sooo pissed!

– Why man? What’s wrong?

– My wife is cheating on me!

– How do you know?

– Well, she told me she slept at Julie’s house the other night…

– So?

I slept with Julie the other night!