MacGyver vs O’Neill

richarddean.jpgI’m a very big fan of Richard Dean Anderson as you might know from reading my posts, and me ranting about Stargate SG1 or Atlantis, and I am very disappointed that people around me don’t get the t-shirt joke. It’s about MacGyver, a show that aired between 1985 and 1992 where using science and his wits, rather than violence, MacGyver could solve almost any problem. The action-adventure format addressed social issues as well, and MacGyver became a role model praised by critics, parents, and teachers alike.  MacGyver continues to enjoy tremendous popularity around the world.

The fact that people don’t understand the joke culminated this weekend on St Patricks Day, when I was wearing it, and when someone said “Hey man, cool t-shirt!”  I asked: “But do you know who MacGyver is?!” and the reply was “Well, I guess it’s some irish dude…

That being said, I’m just sorry that many people missed out MacGyver’s adventures,  and the (life) lessons he taught. Forget the joke, that’s nothing… I just know I learned a lot from that character.

And now, a funny clip called “The funniest Stargate SG-1 prank”. Practically Samantha Carter just trashes RD Anderson’s character. I’m always rotfl‘ing when I see it.

6 thoughts on “MacGyver vs O’Neill

  1. If you are such a MacGyver fan I suppose you’ve seen the Special MacGyver episode of Mythbusters. As much as I am a person who likes and used to watch MacGyver’s adventures, when I was a kid, I was prety much disappointed when I saw how “busted” he was !

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  2. @ KooKool: you have to understand I never used any of his “practical” lessons like escaping from a meat locker in a diner, because I was never in one of those situations… I just remember the way he approached problems, and the way he solved them. With a smile on his face, a VictorInox in his pocket and a positive attitude.

    Did you watch the “Captain Planet” cartoons? If yes, did you believe you could control earth fire or water for that matter with a ring? Did you believe it was possible to give life to a superhero just by “uniting” the rings? Did it create an ecological awareness in you?

    If I was to answer those questions, the answer would be YES for all but the last one in the past tense and NO for all but YES for the last one at present tense…

    My point: sometimes TV can/could be educational…

  3. TV should be educational but TV is the thing that makes us dream! I think the imagination of children is shrinking due to the fact that today everything is “doable” through virtual shit and stuff. Even cartoons seem to be more and more stupid and with less message than anytime.

    I think i stopped watching new cartoons since 2 Stupid Dogs (not very educational) but I think, as you said, Captain Planet all made us think twice before throwing garbage anywhere.

    Thank you MacGyver, Captain Planet and all the good guys who were fighting evil for a noble cause!

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