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I used to play for a few months TribalWars then it got boring, no action no nothing I left my account in sitting with a bunch o villages maxed out, and while I was gone, a long expected war happened, I lost my villages, and I started fresh, on a new continent, with new neighbors (or farms, however you wish to call them) and a tribe in need of leadership. Considering this is the “fun” growing part, not so much time lost at this moment, I guess I’ll start playing again for a while, until I grow a bit, and until it will take more time than I can afford to spend on it, or maybe I’ll just go to the end of that world. All this happened in on world7. Now I play on two worlds world7 and world13 – which is just beginning slowly, so you might be interested to join us, if so, use this link.

One of my tribe mates in world7, found a great defensive guide, which makes perfect sense, and I invite you to read it if you are a TW player. If you are not, just skip 🙂

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Websites: new, old, useful, funny etc.

Well, I believe we all have our habits on the web. And by habits, I mean things we do, tools we use, things we laugh at.

I spend most of my day online, due to my line of work and thus I use lots of sites and tools offered by these sites. Also, everyday I get spammed with lots of crap by mail or instant messenger, so I decided to compile a list of sites I visit. Because of the quantit, i decided to add a maximum of 10 links for each category.

And of course, now I got bored, and I’m leaving the list open… Do you want me to add some stuff here? post a comment.