Problem not solved…

Sometimes in my line of work, you find people who even though they might be nice, and helpful, and caring and if I write another and I’m going to burst out, they try their best I think, but sometimes it’s just priceless…

What I’m talking about? Dan gave me this earlier:

no solve problem
your team left this problem abute 1 day
1 day my server down but your support not solved
now i have problem with memory
i yester day upgraded ram to 2gb but now
is fully used
why very used memory ?

Still smiling…

Websites: new, old, useful, funny etc.

Well, I believe we all have our habits on the web. And by habits, I mean things we do, tools we use, things we laugh at.

I spend most of my day online, due to my line of work and thus I use lots of sites and tools offered by these sites. Also, everyday I get spammed with lots of crap by mail or instant messenger, so I decided to compile a list of sites I visit. Because of the quantit, i decided to add a maximum of 10 links for each category.

And of course, now I got bored, and I’m leaving the list open… Do you want me to add some stuff here? post a comment.