Yahoo Messenger 9, BETA

msg9_b1_client_4.jpgAt first, let me say that BETA this, BETA that, I’m getting sick of all the BETA… Everybody is using the word BETA slammed on anything, or any kind of software, website and so on… but enough ranting.

Yahoo Messenger, is quite a popular piece of software nowadays. I like it and I don’t like it. I have to use it for work, and beats the hell out of ticket systems, when communication is real time, but I hate using it in personal matters… all the smiley’s and emoticons in the world, won’t give it that “personal” feeling a nice face to face conversation brings, or even a phone call.

I found out today via that the guys over at Yahoo managed to get to version 9 of the Yahoo Messenger. I wasn’t able to download it, and play with it. They have a nice movie showing off the new stuff they implemented. Lots of it useless in my opinion, but it’s the eye candy that does the trick. I just wish they did something with the Linux version also, but in the meanwhile, never mind, Pidgin is here!
You can see the video here.

Later Edit: Downloaded, installed, looks dandy… nice themes, I don’t like the detailed list features, I prefer single row / contact. Same old commercial at the bottom, and they didn’t do anything to the archive, and that’s a disappointment. They don’t show your name or your friend’s name on every line they type, which is cool, but I’m too tired right now… going to sleep.

Websites: new, old, useful, funny etc.

Well, I believe we all have our habits on the web. And by habits, I mean things we do, tools we use, things we laugh at.

I spend most of my day online, due to my line of work and thus I use lots of sites and tools offered by these sites. Also, everyday I get spammed with lots of crap by mail or instant messenger, so I decided to compile a list of sites I visit. Because of the quantit, i decided to add a maximum of 10 links for each category.

And of course, now I got bored, and I’m leaving the list open… Do you want me to add some stuff here? post a comment.

O noua afacere loveste Romania


Cu cateva zile intarziere, am descoperit si eu un nou serviciu pe piata romaneasca. Ghelir. Un magazin online ce aplica un concept de nou in Romania: va vinde doar un singur produs in fiecare zi, la un pret imbatabil. Am aflat despre el prin intermediul Ideilor locale, un blog despre care nu stiu mare lucru, dar asta probabil ca o sa se schimbe.

Pana acum, totul arata bine, site-ul e simplu, iti dai seama ce trebuie sa faci rapid si fara prea multa bataie de cap. Alerte prin sms, e-mail si RSS, promisiuni de produse fiabile, de garantii rezolvate rapid si eficient etc. etc. etc. O chestie care mi-a placut la ei pe site a fost partea de “intrebari incomode”

I: De ce luati totul in gluma?
R: Pentru ca suntem comunicativi si glumeti. Aste ne permite ca atunci cand muncim sa fim foarte constiinciosi si seriosi. Preferam aceasta abordare declaratiilor sforaitoare si impersonale. Noua ne pasa de clienti, ii tratam ca pe niste prieteni, nu ca pe un comitet de necunoscatori.

Singura chestie care nu imi place este ca la sectiunea “Arhiva” nu se afiseaza preturile produselor din zilele anterioare. Dar asta nu e o problema pentru cineva care este inregistrat, si primeste notificarile de pe site. Astept sa primesc primele mele notificari, probabil la noapte ca sa vad cum arata.

Asa ca, aruncati o privire, creati-va un cont si enjoy the benefits!

Dragoş Mãnac este initiatorul, sau unul din initiatorii proiectului. Vom afla mai multe in timp.

Later update: Aceste nu este/nu a fost un post platit!