Cool T-shirts

If you are one of the people who hang out around the places I hang out, you should already know I have some funny t-shirts like this. Well, this is about funny t-shirts I got to see worn by my friends, and had a chance to take a photo of.

  • First one, from Vlad Gorgan, one of the bigshots at “I hate my clothes, Can you help me undress?


  • Second one, belongs to Lorand Peli, good friend of mine: “Hamburgers are made of WHAT!?


  • Third one, from Dan Groza, good friend, and colleague from SimpliQ Media & Technology:”If I’d give a crap, you’d be the first one I’d give it to!


The pictures were taken with a BlackBerry 8100 Pearl, in not so good lighting conditions, so please excuse the quality.

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

BSG LogoI followed the series, I enjoyed the series, and I was waiting for the 4th season with my fingers crossed. Long time until April, but they surprised me pleasantly when Razor got out. Many people I spoke with did not like it, the way the camera moved, the dialogues, the fact that the story was dragging in the last season, but except the former, I think everything is part of the BSG charm. Cursing with “frak/frack“, or all those reports, notebooks, pictures or whatever piece of paper in the movie with the severed corners, making it “unique”.

Razor covers two time lines, the present, where Lee Adama becomes the Pegasus “Actual” and the adventures of Battlestar Pegasus in the 10 months between the attack on the colonies and the rendezvous with Battlestar Galactica through flashbacks, but I’m not going to spoil it here… I’ll let you decide for yourselves.

I don’t do movie reviews usually, but then again, this is not a movie… this is starting to become a saga, and deserves a special place in my “favorites list” right near Star Trek, Stargate and some others. Anyhow, this opened up my appetite for movie/series reviews, so I’m adding two new categories to my cloud: Movies & Tv.

Websites: new, old, useful, funny etc.

Well, I believe we all have our habits on the web. And by habits, I mean things we do, tools we use, things we laugh at.

I spend most of my day online, due to my line of work and thus I use lots of sites and tools offered by these sites. Also, everyday I get spammed with lots of crap by mail or instant messenger, so I decided to compile a list of sites I visit. Because of the quantit, i decided to add a maximum of 10 links for each category.

And of course, now I got bored, and I’m leaving the list open… Do you want me to add some stuff here? post a comment.

picnik? Let’s review…

Azi am primit un mail care ma anunta de aparitia Picnik.picnik.jpg Bla bla bla, lots of features, new things, revolutionary things etc. Ok, another bullshit thingie. Hai sa o incerc. Mi-am facut un cont, pentru ca mai nou in web2.0 avem posibilitatea sa ne facem conturi peste tot, si sa le integram cu ce avem deja, si sa le combinam intre ele etc, dar asta e o alta discutie.

Ati folosit Picasa? seamana un pic, dar parca e mai bine. Optiunile care le-am gasit in prima faza sunt basic, dar se promit mai multe in continuare:

  • Rotate
  • Crop
  • Resize
  • Exposure
  • Colors
  • Sharpen
  • Resize
  • !!! Auto-Fix

Partea si mai misto, este ca picnik-ul poate fi “autorizat” sa se conecteze singur la contul Flickr si edita pozele de acolo, se pot uploada poze de pe calculator sau chiar lua poze care sunt deja pe internet. Nu am apucat sa ii vad toate optiunile de functionalitate, dar m-a convins ca merita testat. Nu este photoshop, dar este util 😉

Aruncati o privire si spuneti-mi ce credeti intr-un comment.